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About CBD

What is CBD?
CBD (cannabidiol) is the second most common cannabinoid in cannabis and hemp. On average, CBD represents about 0.1-12 percent of the cannabinoid content in the plant. CBD provides potent therapeutic benefits without the euphoria or lethargy that THC varieties induce. Unlike THC, CBD is completely nonpsychoactive. Hence why there is no associated “high” feeling.
While THC is widely known for its psychoactive properties, CBD may be best known for its ability to counterbalance anxiety, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), hunger and sedation caused by THC. Research also suggests CBD displays promising anti-inflammatory, anti anxiety, antioxidant, neuroprotectant and pain fighting-properties. CBD has shown success with Dementia, alleviating severe forms of epilepsy and reducing cancer cell growth.

Cannabinoids and the Entourage Effect

Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG show promising therapeutic potential. However, these compounds do not work in isolation. CBD and CBG are believed to have synergetic properties, meaning they are more effective together than they are alone. This phenomenon is known as the entourage effect. It helps explain why isolated CBD extracts are not as effective as full spectrum medicine.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD extracts the full properties of the plant for maximum benefit. Unlike isolated CBD extracts, full spectrum CBD contains all of the oils, properties, and molecules present in cannabis and hemp. This enables the entourage effect to take hold. Instead of isolating a single compound, all of the natural compounds are able to work together synergistically, increasing the medicinal value.

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